Shinobido – Tales of the Ninja – PSP ROM Game

Shinobido - Tales of the Ninja (Europe) ROM download
Updated 14-05-2023 (1 year ago)
Region Euro
Publisher Spike
Size 213M
Release Year 2006
Download 237

Shinobido – Tales of the Ninja for PSP is an action and stealth video game, developed by Acquire and released in 2006 by Spike. The game puts the player in the role of a ninja whose mission is to complete secret missions and fight against dark forces.

In Shinobido, players will live in a world of war and strife. The game gives the player the freedom to choose how to approach missions and goals. Players can sneak, assassinate and evade, or choose a direct fighting style to face the enemy. The AI cognitive system reacts flexibly and accurately, requiring players to think and choose the right strategy.

In addition, the game offers a wide range of weapons, tools, and ninja skills for the player to customize and upgrade his character. There are both collecting and base-building elements in the game, creating an element of replayability and evolution to the player’s experience.

Graphics in Shinobido – Tales of the Ninja on PSP are beautifully designed and detailed, creating a mysterious and creepy world of ninjas and samurai. The sound is also well-constructed, contributing to the game’s atmosphere of mystery and suspense.

In short, Shinobido – Tales of the Ninja on the PSP platform is an engaging stealth and action game that gives players freedom and choice in their approach to the mission. With beautiful graphics, a flexible gameplay system, and a large playing space, this game is an interesting choice for lovers of ninja and fighting genres.

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