3DS Emulators - Latest Updates

3DS Emulators are emulators that allow you to play Nintendo 3DS games on different devices such as computers and mobile phones. With 3DS emulators, you can play 3DS games again without using the original 3DS devices. 3DS emulators also allow you to use features like saving games, playing multiplayer, and much more.

Here are some popular 3DS emulators:

  1. Citra: Citra is a free 3DS emulator and is under continuous development to improve features and performance. It allows you to play 3DS games on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Citra also supports many features such as save games, multiplayer, and 3D rendering.
  2. 3DMoo: 3DMoo is a 3DS emulator developed specifically for Windows. This emulator is also being improved to improve performance and compatibility with the latest games.
  3. TronDS: TronDS is a free 3DS emulator developed for Windows and Linux. It offers features like saving games, multiplayer, and emulating 3DS function keys.
  4. DeSmuME: DeSmuME is an emulator developed for the Nintendo DS, but it also supports some 3DS features. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux and allows you to play 3DS games on your computer.