NES ROMs - Latest Updates

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ROMs are digitized archives of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) games that are backed up from the original game and distributed over the Internet. ROMs are usually stored as .nes or .rom files.

ROMs allow players to replay NES games on different devices, such as computers or other consoles. To play these ROMs, players need to use an NES emulator or an NES emulator like RetroN 5 or Nintendo Switch Online.

Here are some emulators on the NES

  1. FCEUX: This is a cross-platform NES emulator, supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It offers many features like cheat support, save states, recording, streaming, and many more.
  2. Nestopia: This is a high-quality NES emulator that allows you to play NES games easily and with good picture quality. It supports many features like multiplayer play, cheat support, save state, and many more.
  3. VirtuaNES: A simple and easy-to-use NES emulator designed to provide the best possible picture and sound quality. It has many features like cheat support, save states, and many more.


Here are some frequently asked questions about NES games:

How to play NES games?

You can play NES games on some NES emulators like Nestopia, FCEUX, or RetroArch on your computer. You can also play on the original NES console, however, the corresponding NES gamepads and discs are required.

Where can I download NES ROMs?
Many websites offer NES ROMs, however, I recommend using our trusted sites.

Can I use NES ROMs to play games for free?

Yes, by downloading our games and installing them, you can play games for free.
Are NES games playable on other platforms?

Yes, some NES games have been ported to other platforms like Game Boy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, Wii Virtual Console, and more.