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Release Year 2010
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Dante’s Inferno for PSP is an action-adventure game based on Dante Alighieri’s famous literary work, “Hell”. The game was developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts in 2010. Dante’s Inferno on PSP reintroduces protagonist Dante’s journey to save the soul of his lover Beatrice from Hell.

In Dante’s Inferno, the player takes control of Dante on a challenging journey through the nine floors of Hell, from the First to the Last, each representing a sin in the local world’s five-nine balance. Players will face a variety of monsters and demons, along with diverse control and puzzle challenges.

The game integrates many elements of action, melee, and adventure quests, along with a progression system that allows the player to upgrade Dante’s weapons, skills, and energy. In addition, Dante’s Inferno also has excerpts between Dante and the characters in the original work, bringing players into exciting confrontations.

A highlight of Dante’s Inferno on the PSP is the high-quality graphics, creating a haunting and horror-filled hellish world. Music and sound are also carefully cared for, adding to the appeal and mystery of the game. Download Dantes Inferno ROM for PlayStation Portable and play it on your device with Apkmara.

Download Dante’s Inferno ROM Download – PSP ROM Game

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