Gran Turismo 4 – PS2 ROM Download

Updated 20-06-2024 (3 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Sony Computer
Size 4G
Require PS2 Emulators
Release Year 2004
Download 531

Gran Turismo 4 is a top racing game, developed by Polyphony Digital and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for PlayStation 2. Launched in 2004, the game features beautiful graphics, professional control systems, and a variety of racing cars. Gran Turismo 4 is considered one of the best racing games of the PS2 generation.

Diverse and Attractive Gameplay

In Gran Turismo 4, players will control racing cars to participate in many races on different tracks. The game offers a variety of game modes, including championship racing mode, entertainment mode, and development mode. Players can participate in professional races to achieve the highest score and win.

Racing and Upgrade System

Gran Turismo 4 brings players a rich racing system with more than 700 models from the world’s leading car manufacturers. Players can buy new cars or upgrade their existing ones with custom parts to enhance their performance. Deep customization allows you to create your perfect racing car, from tuning the engine to the suspension and tires.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics in Gran Turismo 4 are beautiful and detailed, taking full advantage of the PlayStation 2’s capabilities. The tracks are realistically designed, from world-famous locations to difficult terrains. The game’s audio is also carefully crafted, with vivid engine sounds and environmental effects, creating a realistic and engaging racing experience.


Gran Turismo 4 is a great racing game for the PlayStation 2. With beautiful graphics, diverse gameplay, and a rich racing system, the game brings players hours of entertainment full of challenges and excitement. If you love racing games and want to experience a classic game, Gran Turismo 4 is a choice not to be missed.

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