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Updated 30-06-2024 (3 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Capcom, Konami, Nintendo, SEGA
Size 77.1KB
Require NES Emulators
Release Year 1987
Download 197

Mega Man is a 2D fighting game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) platform in 1987. The game is considered one of the most advanced fighting games of its time and remains popular to this day.

Story and Gameplay

In Mega Man, players will control the main character, Mega Man, to destroy monsters and complete levels. The game provides the player with several special weapons and skills to help fight monsters and complete levels. After defeating one of the bosses, the player can choose that boss’s weapon to use in subsequent levels.

Special Features

Mega Man stands out with the feature that allows players to choose the stage to start and choose weapons after defeating bosses. This creates a unique tactical element, allowing players to plan and strategize for each level.

Graphics and Sound

Although released in 1987, Mega Man possesses advanced 2D graphics with sharp images and bright colors. The sound in the game is also very vivid, from gunshots to dramatic background music, all contributing to a great gaming experience.

Great Fighting Experience

Mega Man is a 2D fighting game with great combat experience and many challenges. Players will have to overcome obstacles, destroy monsters, and face powerful bosses to progress to higher levels. Each level brings a new challenge, requiring the player’s agility and skill.


Mega Man is a classic 2D fighting game on the NES platform. With strategic gameplay, advanced graphics, and vivid sound, the game offers a unique and engaging entertainment experience. This is a game not to be missed for those who love the fighting game genre and are fans of the classic NES system.

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