Pokémon Stadium – N64 Game

Pokémon Stadium (EU) ROM download
Updated 30-06-2024 (2 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher HAL Labs, Nintendo
Size 26.5M
Require N64 Emulators
Release Year 1999
Download 423

Pokémon Stadium is a strategy game developed and published by Nintendo in 1999. The game allows players to use Pokémon from the Game Boy versions of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow to participate in competitive battles. with other coaches.

Impressive and Vivid Graphics

One of the most notable features of Pokémon Stadium is its impressive and colorful graphics. Pokémon and arenas are designed in detail, giving players the feeling of actually participating in a real battle.

Diverse Play Modes

Pokémon Stadium offers a variety of game modes, including solo, duel, timed, and team modes. Players can customize their squads and opponents to create diverse and interesting matches.

Gaming Experience

Pokémon Stadium is a fun and engaging strategy game on the Nintendo 64. Despite its shortcomings, the game’s graphics and variety of game modes are sure to please fans of the Pokémon series.


Pokémon Stadium offers a colorful and detailed strategy experience, with many exciting game modes. Although there are some limitations and difficulties for newcomers, the game is still a great choice for Pokémon fans.

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