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Region Worlds
Publisher Nintendo
Size 9,65G
Require 9.0.1
Release Year 2019
Download 568

ASTRAL CHAIN ​​is a unique action-adventure game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo in 2019 on Nintendo Switch. The game features an innovative combat system and anime-style graphics, bringing a great and new gaming experience to fans.

Become a Neuron Warrior and Fight Against Chimera

In ASTRAL CHAIN, players will play the role of a police officer of the Neuron organization, confronting the dark forces called “Chimeras”. Your mission is to cooperate with Legion, a special creature connected through the Astral Chain, to stop the Chimera attacks and protect the human world. Each battle requires coordination between you and Legion, creating technical and epic attacks, bringing excitement and drama to each confrontation.

Diverse and Unique Combat System

ASTRAL CHAIN ​​stands out with a diverse and innovative combat system. Players can control both the main character and Legion at the same time, performing unique coordinated attack tactics. The ability to combine your skills and Legion’s creates a variety of combat options, from cutting off enemy paths to powerful combos. This perfect coordination not only requires skill but also brings a sense of satisfaction when you defeat enemies spectacularly.

Adventure and Puzzles in the Dark World

In addition to intense battles, ASTRAL CHAIN ​​also brings interesting adventure and puzzle elements. Players will investigate mysterious cases, explore different areas, and delve into the dark world that the game builds. The diverse puzzles in the game require your thinking and observation skills, adding depth to the gaming experience. This creates a great balance between action and adventure, making the game rich and engaging.

A Unique Experience on Nintendo Switch

From music, and visuals to gameplay, ASTRAL CHAIN ​​delivers a unique and engaging experience on Nintendo Switch. PlatinumGames’ signature anime-style graphics combined with vibrant music create a vibrant and engaging world. The game is not only a visual work of art but also a true test of skill and strategy. With these special qualities, ASTRAL CHAIN ​​deserves to be considered one of the top action games on Nintendo Switch.


4.2/5 (9 votes)

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