Monster Hunter Stories Switch ROM NSP + UPDATE/DLC

Updated 14-06-2024 (4 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Capcom
Size 10,3G
Require 18.0.0
Release Year 2024
Download 255

Monster Hunter Stories is an action-adventure role-playing game released by Capcom in 2024. This game gives players a new experience compared to traditional Monster Hunter versions. Instead of playing the role of a monster hunter, you will transform into Riders – heroes with special abilities to make friends and ride on the backs of monsters.

Deep and Fascinating Story

In Monster Hunter Stories, you will participate in an exciting adventure about the Riders. These characters have a special bond with monsters. The game opens up a vast and mysterious world where you can explore soaring mountains and dense forests. During the gameplay, you will search and collect monster eggs from nests or after defeating them. You will then hatch these eggs into powerful creatures that become loyal companions.

Dramatic Action Role Playing Gameplay

The gameplay of Monster Hunter Stories focuses on dramatic action battles. You not only use Rider’s skills but also have to coordinate with your monsters in matches. In each battle, the combination of Rider and monster creates unique strategies to defeat enemies. Both Riders and monsters can be upgraded to become stronger, helping you deal with increasingly difficult challenges.

The 2024 version of this game has been completely improved. Sharp 3D graphics and epic music will bring you a wonderful immersive experience. Furthermore, the game also supports full Japanese and English voice acting, along with a new museum mode to explore the world of Monster Hunter Stories in more depth.

Great Adventure Experience

Monster Hunter Stories is a perfect choice for those who love the action role-playing genre and the Monster Hunter world. This game not only brings an emotional story about the friendship between humans and monsters but also attracts players with its attractive and unique gameplay. With beautiful graphics and impressive music, Monster Hunter Stories promises to bring you hours of memorable and meaningful entertainment.

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