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Dual Heroes (USA) ROM download
Updated 15-06-2023 (1 year ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Electro Brain
Size 7.77M
Release Year 1997
Download 679

Dual Heroes on the N64 platform is a 3D fighting game developed by the famous company Hudson Soft and published by Electro Brain in 1997. The game offers an engaging fighting experience where players will fight. Compete with characters with their own strengths and skills to achieve victory.

Dual Heroes has a diverse cast of characters with their own features and storylines. Players can choose and control one of these characters to participate in matches with other players or single player mode. The game offers special battle formations and unique strategies for players to discover and use in matches.

Dual Heroes on N64 has pretty 3D graphics for the time of release, creating a lively and detailed fighting environment. In addition, the game also offers a variety of interesting music and sound effects, adding excitement and consideration during gameplay.

However, Dual Heroes did not receive high praise from the gaming community and was criticized for its limited gameplay and combat mechanics, as well as the lack of variety in game modes. However, it is still worth considering if you are a fighting genre lover and want to explore a classic game on the N64 platform.

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Download Dual Heroes ROM Download – N64 Game

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