Collection of Mana Switch NSP + UPDATE

Updated 14-07-2024 (58 seconds ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Square Enix
Size 325M
Require Base=8.0.1 / UPD=8.1.0
Release Year 2017
Download 568

Collection of Mana on Nintendo Switch is a fantastic collection of three classic RPG titles, giving players the chance to relive the games that made the Seiken Densetsu series famous. This collection includes Final Fantasy Adventure, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana.

Final Fantasy Adventure: The Beginning of the Legend

Final Fantasy Adventure (1991) was the first game in the Seiken Densetsu series, released on the Game Boy. The game takes players into a mysterious magical world, where they control a warrior to fight against evil forces. With its action RPG gameplay, the game laid the foundation for this legendary RPG series.

Secret of Mana: A 16-bit Classic

Secret of Mana (1993) is one of the most beloved RPGs of the SNES era. The game features a real-time combat system and co-op play, allowing players to join the adventures of three main characters in a challenging world.

Trials of Mana: A Story of Many Faces

Trials of Mana (1995), also known as Seiken Densetsu 3, offers a rich storyline and a diverse cast of characters. The game allows players to choose from six characters, each with their own story and ending, providing a highly replayable experience. Although originally released only in Japan, the game has been brought to the West and has received much love.

Classic Experience with Collection of Mana

Collection of Mana on Nintendo Switch is the perfect opportunity for modern players to re-experience these classic RPG titles. With original graphics and sound, along with smooth gameplay on the Switch, this collection is a great choice for anyone who loves the RPG genre.

Download the Collection of Mana for Nintendo Switch and start your adventure into the magical world today!

Download Collection of Mana Switch NSP + UPDATE

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