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Updated 20-02-2024 (2 months ago)
Region Plantera
Publisher Pixelopus
Size 31M
Release Year 2017
Download 268

Plantera is a unique adventure and puzzle game developed by publisher Pixelopus. The game takes you on a journey to explore a magical world of plants, where you will control a plant creature called Plantera to solve puzzles and unlock hidden secrets.

Plantera uses a simple but innovative control mechanism. You will use the buttons to control Plantera to move, climb, and interact with the surrounding environment. Plantera has the ability to grow leaves to cling to surfaces, climb high cliffs, and overcome obstacles.

The main goal of the game is to explore the world of Plantera and solve puzzles. Puzzles in the game often involve using Plantera’s abilities to interact with the surrounding environment, for example using leaves to push stone blocks, or using roots to unlock doors.

Plantera has a huge world for you to explore, including many different areas with unique challenges. You will explore dense forests, mysterious caves, and towering mountains.

Plantera possesses colorful and bright pixel art graphics, creating a beautiful and vibrant plant world. The music in the game is also very gentle and relaxing, helping you immerse yourself in the world of Plantera.

Plantera is a unique and exciting puzzle adventure game for PS Vita. The game possesses simple but challenging gameplay, along with beautiful graphics and sound. If you love puzzle adventure games, Plantera is a great choice for you.

Download Plantera ROM Download – PS Vita Game

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