Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (JUE) (REV 00) ROM Download – SEGA Game

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (JUE) (REV 00) ROM download
Updated 21-03-2023 (6 months ago)
Publisher SEGA
Size 331KB
Require Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Release Year 1988
Download 463

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (JUE) (REV 00) is a popular video game developed by Sega and released in 1990 on platforms such as Sega Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear. The game is inspired by Michael Jackson’s musical film of the same name, released in 1988.

In the game, the player takes the role of Michael Jackson, who must rescue a kidnapped child and defeat criminals in a fictional world. The game has many different game modes, including single-player mode and two-player mode. Players use Michael Jackson’s special skills to defeat enemies, including his famous songs.

The game is highly appreciated for its unique graphics, music, and gameplay, giving players exciting and unique experiences. It has become one of the legendary games on Sega Genesis and is rated as one of Michael Jackson’s best games.

Download Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (JUE) (REV 00) ROM for SEGA Genesis and play it on Windows, MAC, Android, or iOS with Apkmara.

Download Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (JUE) (REV 00) ROM Download – SEGA Game

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