Sea of Stars Switch NSP + UPDATE

Updated 14-07-2024 (8 mins ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Sabotage Studio
Size 3,9G
Require 15.0.1
Release Year 2023
Download 436

Sea of ​​Stars is a fantasy turn-based role-playing game, developed and published by Sabotage Studio. Launching in 2023 on Nintendo Switch, this game takes players into a fantasy world where dwarves and giants live together peacefully. You will play as two children who can combine the powers of the sun and the moon to fight dangerous enemies. With beautiful 2D pixel graphics and an engaging storyline, Sea of ​​Stars promises hours of exciting adventure.

Explore a Colorful Fantasy World

Sea of ​​Stars takes players into a vivid world where each area is detailed and brilliantly designed. You will explore dense forests, ancient cities, and many other interesting places. The game features beautiful 2D pixel graphics, reminiscent of a classic art style. Players will immerse themselves in mysterious stories and enjoy the beauty of this fantasy world. Turn-based role-playing gameplay combined with tactics requires careful calculation in each match.

Attractive Role Playing Gameplay

In Sea of ​​Stars, you will participate in turn-based battles, using the special skills of the two main characters. The combination of the power of the sun and the moon opens up many diverse strategies. You can choose between powerful attacks or smart defenses to deal with enemies. The plot is inspired by European fairy tales and legends, providing a fascinating and emotional journey. The game requires ingenuity and strategy to overcome challenges.

Positive Reception From Critics

Sea of ​​Stars has received praise from critics and players. The game stands out thanks to its stunning graphics, engaging gameplay, and deep storyline. The combination of traditional and modern styles creates an enchanting turn-based role-playing game. Sea of ​​Stars is a great choice for those who are passionate about fantasy worlds and tactical combat. With Nintendo Switch, the game delivers a memorable and exciting adventure experience.

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3.9/5 (30 votes)

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I get a CRC error after install and then a corrupted data when i try to launch the game. installed main game and both updates, any ideas?
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I guess I need to update my CFW and OFW it's been a few months so newer games won't run?
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Can we get the latest update vsn 1.0.47140 (December 18, 2023) please
Reply -
add, check bro
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