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Resident Evil ROM download
Updated 31-03-2023 (11 months ago)
Region USA
Publisher Konami
Size 347MB
Release Year 1996
Download 633

Resident Evil is an action horror game first released in 1996 for the PlayStation (PSX) platform. It became one of the first horror titles and spawned a new genre of games.

The game offers the player a poignant story about a group of people looking for an explanation of an attack at a biotransformation research center. Players will control the main character, Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, to explore the research center and fight against transformed creatures.

The game offers an immersive horror experience with a dynamic camera system and great sound. The graphics system is also good, with some nice 2D and 3D graphics.

How to play Resident Evil

In Resident Evil on PSX, players will control one of the two main characters, Jill Valentine or Chris Redfield, in search of an explanation for an attack at a biotransformation research center.

The game features a dynamic camera control system, with a camera that rotates around the character as they move. To fight, the player will use weapons, such as guns, knives, etc., to kill the transformed creatures.

Players will also have to search for resources, like ammo, keys, etc., to open doors and continue fighting. They will also have to manage the character’s life and strength levels and use healing potions to restore health.

Install the Crash Bandicoot PSX ROMs

To experience Resident Evil on your computer, you can use one of the PSX emulators or a game emulator. You need to download a ROM of the game and install it on your computer.

Then you need to run the PSX emulator or game emulator, and select the ROM version of the game to start playing.

To install Resident Evil PSX ROM, you need a PSX emulator and a ROM of the game. The general installation steps for emulators and ROMs are as follows:

  1. Get a PSX emulator: Find a good PSX emulator and download it to your computer. Some good emulators include ePSXe, PCSX-Reloaded, and RetroArch.
  2. Download the game’s ROM: Find a reliable source and download a ROM of Resident Evil PSX. Please note that downloading ROMs may infringe copyright and may not be legal.
  3. Install the emulator: Run the installation file of the PSX emulator and follow the instructions to install it on your computer.
  4. Add ROM to the emulator: After installing the emulator, open it and try to add the ROM of Resident Evil to the emulator. Normally, you would choose the “File” or “Open” option and select the ROM to open it.
  5. Play the game: After adding the ROM you will be able to play

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Download Resident Evil ROM Download – PSX Game

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