Rumble Racing ROM Download – PS2 Game

Rumble Racing ROM download
Updated 27-03-2023 (1 year ago)
Region USA
Size 320MB
Release Year 2001
Download 435

Rumble Racing is an arcade racing game developed by Electronic Arts and released for PlayStation 2 in 2001. Highly entertaining game, with stunning graphics and varied gameplay, and is rated as one of the best. The best racing game on PlayStation 2.

In Rumble Racing, players will participate in adventurous car races on different terrains such as grasslands, sand dunes, hills, and cities. During the race, players can use weapons to attack opponents, creating dramatic racing situations.

The game has many different game modes, including general racing mode, racing mode, and time racing mode. Players can unlock new vehicles and upgrade different weapons to use in races. What makes Rumble Racing special is the “Rumble” feature, which allows players to feel the vibrations and shocks from the bumps and impacts of weapons.

If you love arcade racing with dramatic racing situations and stunning graphics, then Rumble Racing will be a great choice for you.

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Download Rumble Racing ROM Download – PS2 Game

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