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Bully ROM download
Updated 27-03-2023 (1 year ago)
Region USA
Publisher Rockstar Games
Size 2.0Gb

Bully is an action-adventure role-playing game released on the PS2 platform in 2006. The game revolves around a schoolboy at Bullworth Academy who faces social and emotional problems in his environment. school.

The game offers freestyle gameplay, allowing the player to move freely and perform side quests and activities. Duties include solving school problems and participating in outdoor activities. Players can also participate in mini-games and challenges.

The game is also appreciated for its graphic and sound design, with engaging and interactive gameplay. However, the game content can be controversial because there is some content that is unique and not suitable for some ages.

In Bully on PS2, the player takes on the role of a schoolboy named Jimmy and takes place in the Bullworth Academy school environment. Main activities include Quests and Activities: Players will complete missions assigned by in-game characters or freely choose outdoor activities. Duel: Players can fight against enemies in the game using weapons or combat skills. Mini Games: Players can participate in mini-games and challenges to win money. Interaction: Players can interact with the characters in the game, including dating, giving gifts, and meeting characters in the school. To play, the player will use the buttons on the joystick and the buttons on the controller to move, attack, and perform other actions. The PS2 platform provides an amazing gaming experience with beautiful graphics and vivid sound

Download Bully ROM Download – PS2 Game

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