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Totally Spies! Totally Party
Updated 24-10-2023 (1 month ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Moving Player
Size 2.0G
Release Year 2008
Download 679

General spy! Totally Spies! (Totally Spies! Totally Party) is a multiplayer game based on the popular animated series “Totally Spies!” developed by Moving Player and published by Ubisoft. Released on the Nintendo Wii in 2008.

In General Spy! Total Fun!, players will play the role of three female agents Alex, Sam and Clover, players can participate in many different minigames with many different themes. The game is intended to be fun and entertaining, often aimed at young ages.

The gameplay of the game focuses on participating in various minigames, from racing to cake building and many more activities. The game supports single player or multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with friends and family.

General spy! Total fun! offers an entertaining experience based on the popular animated series, allowing you to participate in exciting minigame activities. However, the game is often geared towards a primarily children’s audience and may not offer complex and deep gameplay for older players.

In short, General spy! Total fun! is a multitasking game based on the animated series Totally Spies! on the Nintendo Wii system. This game focuses on engaging in fun and entertaining minigames.

Download Totally Spies! Totally Party ROM Download – Wii Game 

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