Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM Download – Wii Game

Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM download
Updated 25-02-2023 (1 year ago)
Size 1.3GB
Require Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Release Year 2010
Download 563

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is one of Nintendo’s most popular and beloved games on the Wii platform. Developed by Nintendo EAD Tokyo and released in 2010, the game has received rave reviews and is considered one of the best games on the Wii.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, players will play as Mario and participate in exciting adventures in space. The game has beautiful graphics, and the scenes are designed very sophisticatedly and diversely, from beautiful snow planets to rocky and hot planets.

The gameplay of the game is varied, from traveling across planets to engaging in battles with different enemies. Mario also has many new abilities to help him overcome obstacles and opponents, from using his spinning skills to driving flaming dogs and jumping springs over fountains.

The music in the game is also great, the music is very well coordinated with each scene and creates an extremely lively space.

Overall, Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a great game on the Wii platform, with beautiful graphics, great sound, and varied gameplay. If you are a fan of Mario games or looking for a fun and exciting game, then Super Mario Galaxy 2 is a great choice.

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Download Super Mario Galaxy 2 ROM Download – Wii Game

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