Updated 29-08-2023 (4 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Finji
Size 2,8G
Require 14.1.2
Release Year 2021
Download 568

TUNIC on the Switch platform is a remarkable action-adventure game, developed and published by Finji. The game is due out in 2021.

In TUNIC, players will take on the role of a small fox, sent to a mysterious and dangerous world. The world of TUNIC is designed with diverse environments, from deep forests, mountain peaks to giant caves. You will discover new lands and learn the mysteries of this world.

TUNIC game combines action and puzzle elements, allowing players to perform attacks, dodge and solve clever puzzles in their journey. Besides, side objectives and secret items will also appear along the way, helping you to expand the fox’s abilities and knowledge.

One of the highlights of TUNIC is its beautiful voxel-style graphics, creating a world that looks like a lovely world animation and is suitable for the Switch platform.

TUNIC on the Switch platform is an engaging action-adventure game, with lovely graphics and a combination of action and puzzle elements.

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