The Messenger ROM NSP + UPDATE/DLC – Switch Game

Updated 29-08-2023 (4 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Devolver Digital
Size 1,92G
Require 8.1
Release Year 2018
Download 658

The Messenger on the Nintendo Switch platform is a retro action and adventure game. The game was developed by Sabotage Studio and published by Devolver Digital. It first debuted in 2018.

In The Messenger, players will take on the role of a young ninja whose mission is to deliver an important letter to save the village from the curse. With gameplay inspired by action games like Ninja Gaiden, the game combines both classic 2D gameplay and distinctive modern elements.

The Messenger has excellent control mechanics, allowing players to smoothly execute attacks, jumps, and climbs. In addition, throughout the journey, players will discover and collect new skills, powerful weapons, and upgrades to deal with dangerous enemies and solve complex puzzles.

One of the game’s special features is the “time-traveling” feature, where the player will experience both worlds – the classic pixel feel in the 8-bit world and the graphics. more beautiful with high pixel quality in a 16-bit world. This creates a unique and varied gaming experience.

In short, The Messenger on Nintendo Switch is an action and adventure game worth playing, with engaging gameplay, good control mechanics, and a unique “time-traveling” element. The game brings a new and interesting retro feeling to the player.

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