Super Mario Odyssey Switch ROM NSP/XCI + UPDATE

Updated 13-06-2024 (1 week ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Nintendo
Size 5,23G
Require 9.0.1
Release Year 2017
Download 478

Super Mario Odyssey, an action-adventure game published by Nintendo, launched in 2017 on the Nintendo Switch platform. This is one of the most notable releases in the Mario series, offering a colorful and creative adventure with Mario and Cappy, a living hat capable of grasping any object. On his journey to rescue Princess Peach, Mario will explore diverse lands, each containing unique secrets and challenges.

Diverse Lands and Creative Gameplay

The lands in Super Mario Odyssey feature diverse landscapes, from urban cities to arid deserts and even the alien realm of space. Each land has unique objects and people, bringing new and exciting experiences to players. The gameplay in Super Mario Odyssey is very flexible and creative, allowing players to transform into many different objects and characters thanks to the special ability of Cappy’s hat. This opens up many diverse approaches and puzzles, creating appeal and newness at each level.

Unique Playing Experience on Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch is a must-play, with a great combination of beautiful graphics, creative level design, and fun gameplay. The game brings a unique and engaging Mario experience, affirming its position in the hearts of fans. Download Super Mario Odyssey ROM for Switch Game and experience it on your device to explore the magical world with Mario and Cappy.

Download Super Mario Odyssey Switch ROM NSP/XCI + UPDATE

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Can you please highly compress it I don't have enough mobile data.
Reply -
Nintendo Ninjas
The SendCM Link for the base game is a virus, would recommend fixing that.
Reply -
add new, check again
Reply -
Thanks dude, works perfect
Reply -
Niggire Slabaraus
he is complectlly functional?
Reply -
How to download dlcs smo ofline
Reply -
1Ficher is not working, can you re upload it please?
Reply -
Fixed, check again
Reply -
what version of smo is in the file
Reply -
UPDATE v1.3.0 569M
Reply -
what version of smo is this
Reply -
Hello i Can open game but it crash and send me to the menu of yuzu Can you help?
Reply -
If you are on Linux, the game may crash. Switch to Ryujinx. More informations : -> Which emulator should I use?
Reply -
Jiom is down. Can you upload the update to 1fichier?
Reply - is still working, check again
Reply -

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