Updated 10-11-2023 (3 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher DANGEN Entertainment
Size 380M
Require 16.0.1
Release Year 2021
Download 235

SMELTER is an action role-playing game developed and published by DANGEN Entertainment. The game was first released for PC in 2015 and was later released for Nintendo Switch in 2021.
In SMELTER, players will take on the role of a young adventurer named Elan. Elan is a talented blacksmith, and his mission is to find the fragments of an ancient weapon that can defeat a dragon that threatens the world.

SMELTER is a pixel-style action RPG. The game has gameplay that focuses on combat and exploration. Players will have to use Elan’s skills to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

The game has a large open world to explore. Players are free to explore the world their way, searching for treasures and secrets.

SMELTER is an engaging action RPG with stunning pixel graphics and challenging gameplay. The game is a great choice for fans of the genre. If you’re looking for a good action RPG on Nintendo Switch, SMELTER is a great choice.

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