Updated 14-05-2024 (7 days ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Humble Games
Size 3,2G
Require Base=14.1.2 / UPD=15.0.0
Release Year 2022
Download 467

SIGNALIS is a survival horror game developed by Rose-engine and published by Humble Games and Playism. The game was released for Nintendo Switch in 2022. The game received generally positive reviews upon release.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic future where humans have colonized the solar system and live under the rule of a totalitarian regime. The player takes on the role of Elster, a Replika (a robot with artificial intelligence) who wakes up from a cryogenic state in a sunken ship. Elster must find a way out of the ship and uncover a horrifying mystery hidden inside.

SIGNALIS is a traditional survival horror game with a focus on puzzle and exploration elements. Players will have to use Elster’s skills to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and discover the ship’s secrets. The game also features some horror elements, including terrifying creatures and disturbing mysteries.

SIGNALIS is an exciting game for fans of the survival horror genre. The game has an engaging storyline, interesting puzzles, and a scary atmosphere.

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