R-Type Final 2 Switch NSP + UPDATE/DLC

Updated 14-11-2023 (7 months ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher NIS America
Size 5,8G
Require 11.0.1
Release Year 2021
Download 233

R-Type Final 2 is a vertical shooter game developed and published by NIS America. This is the sequel to the game R-Type Final released in 2003. R-Type Final 2 was released for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

In R-Type Final 2, the player controls a spaceship called the R-9A, fighting against the forces of the Bydo, an invading alien race. The game has the classic gameplay of the R-Type series, with levels designed in grid form, full of enemies and traps. Players can use different types of weapons to destroy enemies, including main guns, secondary guns, and special weapons.
R-Type Final 2 is an engaging vertical shooter that offers the classic gameplay experience of the R-Type series. The game is highly appreciated by experts and players.

If you are a fan of the R-Type series, R-Type Final 2 is a game not to be missed.

Download R-Type Final 2 Switch NSP + UPDATE/DLC

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