Pikmin 2 ROM NSP + UPDATE – Switch Game

Updated 12-05-2024 (1 month ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Nintendo
Size 1,04G
Require 16.0.1
Release Year 2021
Download 547

Pikmin 2 on Nintendo Switch is an adventure and strategy game, developed by Nintendo. This is a remake of the original game, released on GameCube in 2004.

In the game, you will play as Olimar and Louie, two characters stranded on an alien planet. They lead the team of Pikmin to gather resources, solve puzzles, and fight enemies to solve the company’s debt problems.

Pikmin 2 on Switch offers many improvements with better graphics, multiplayer modes, and online play. You can use the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers to enjoy simple controls and play online with friends.

The game offers a fun and creative experience, combining strategy and exploration. Pikmin 2 combines the natural world and technology, with an adorable and engaging storyline.

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Download Pikmin 2 ROM NSP + UPDATE – Switch Game

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