OTXO ROM NSP – Switch Game

Updated 21-04-2024 (4 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Super Rare Games
Size 735M
Require 17.0.1
Release Year 2024
Download 268

OTXO is an exciting roguelike action game developed by Super Rare Games and exclusive to Nintendo Switch in 2024. You will enter a mysterious and challenging world as you play the main character, exploring the mysterious Mansion to search for a lost lover.

Your journey will lead you through many unique areas, each with its own secrets and challenges. You will face countless enemies, decipher puzzles, and overcome many obstacles to advance deeper into the Mansion. Along the way, you will meet new allies, supporting you on this journey.


OTXO offers challenging and surprising roguelike gameplay. Each time you die, you start over with a randomized Mansion, creating a fresh and challenging experience each time you play. This requires patience, ingenuity, and adaptability to get through the Mansion and find your lover.

With unique pixel art graphics and impressive music, OTXO promises to bring you fascinating and unforgettable experiences. If you are a lover of roguelike action games with mysterious and challenging storylines, OTXO is an option not to be missed.

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