Onion Force ROM NSP – Switch Game

Onion Force
Updated 16-02-2024 (4 months ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Thalamus Digital
Size 292M
Require v17.0.0
Release Year 2024
Download 268

Onion Force is a colorful 2D action-adventure game developed by HyperParasite Studios and published by Thalamus Digital on the Nintendo Switch platform in 2024.

Set in the world of Onionia, where onions live peacefully. However, one day, their world was attacked by an army of vicious carrots. To protect their homeland, three onion heroes: Nori, Chive, and Parsley bravely stood up to fight.

Players will control one of three main characters, fighting through many levels with different types of enemies.
Each character has unique abilities and weapons. Nori uses a sword, Chive uses a bow and arrow, and Parsley uses a hammer.
Players can upgrade their character’s power by collecting coins and items in the game.
The game has many different game modes, including single-player mode, two-player mode, and challenge mode.

Onion Force is a fun and colorful action game, suitable for all ages. If you love 2D-pixel art games with simple but challenging gameplay, Onion Force is a great choice for you.

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