Updated 10-11-2023 (4 weeks ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher SNK
Size 160M
Require 11.0.1
Release Year 2021
Download 235

METAL SLUG 3 is a horizontal shooting game developed and published by SNK in 2000. It is the third installment in the METAL SLUG series, and is considered one of the best titles in the genre. .

The game is set in 2026, after the events of Metal Slug 2. General Morden, an old enemy of the Peregrine Falcon Squad, has returned with a powerful new army. Peregrine Falcon Squad must once again set out to stop Morden’s plans.

METAL SLUG 3 has simple but attractive gameplay. Players will control one of four characters: Marco Rossi, Fio Germi, Tarma Roving and Eri Kasamoto, and fight through 6 challenging levels. Along the way, players will face countless enemies, including infantrymen, tanks, aircraft and more.

The game has beautiful 2D graphics, with detailed designed characters and enemies. The game’s sound is also very impressive, with epic soundtracks and vivid sound effects.
METAL SLUG 3 is a great horizontal shooter and a great addition to the Nintendo Switch’s game library. The game has attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and impressive sound. If you are a fan of the horizontal shooting genre, METAL SLUG 3 is a game you should not miss.

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