Fort Triumph NSP + UPDATE – Switch Game

Updated 15-05-2024 (5 days ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher ALL IN! GAMES
Size 658M
Require Base=12.0.1 / UPD=12.1.0
Release Year 2021
Download 346

Fort Triumph is a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world. Players will lead a group of heroes with different skills, fight enemies, and complete quests. The game has two main modes: story mode and skirmish mode.

Story mode is the main mode of the game, telling the adventures of a group of heroes in a fantasy world. Players will have to complete quests, fight enemies, and explore the world. Story mode has about 10 hours of gameplay.

Skirmish mode allows players to fight enemies in turn-based matches. Players can choose between four factions and four different character classes. Fighting mode can be played with friends or against the computer.
Fort Triumph is a great turn-based strategy game that offers an engaging and challenging gaming experience. If you are a fan of turn-based strategy games, Fort Triumph is definitely a game worth checking out.

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