Collection of Mana ROM NSP + UPDATE – Switch Game

Updated 29-08-2023 (1 month ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Square Enix
Size 325M
Require Base=8.0.1 / UPD=8.1.0
Release Year 2017
Download 568

Collection of Mana on the Switch platform is a legendary game collection featuring three re-released classic RPG titles. This collection includes three titles: “Final Fantasy Adventure” (Seiken Densetsu: Final Fantasy Gaiden), “Secret of Mana” (Seiken Densetsu 2), and “Trials of Mana” (Seiken Densetsu 3).

“Final Fantasy Adventure” is the first game in the Seiken Densetsu series, originally released in 1991 on the Game Boy. The game is famous for its role-playing action gameplay and is set in a magical and mystical world.

“Secret of Mana” is the next installment in the series and one of the classic RPG titles of the 16-bit generation. It was first released in 1993 on the Super Nintendo. The game tells the journey of three main characters to fight a dark force that is destroying the world.

“Trials of Mana” is the sequel to “Secret of Mana” and is also known as “Seiken Densetsu 3”. Before that, however, the game wasn’t released in the West until 2019 when it appeared in the Collection of Mana. The game features a rich story and character selection system with various endings, providing a high level of diversity and replayability.

The Collection of Mana on the Switch platform was released by Square Enix in 2019. The game offers players the opportunity to experience legendary RPG titles and an opportunity to rediscover or discover for the first time memorable works in the Seiken Densetsu series.

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