Catherine: Full Body ROM NSP + UPDATE – Switch Game

Updated 01-11-2023 (1 month ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher SEGA
Size 14G
Require 11.0.1
Release Year 2020
Download 346

Catherine: Full Body is an action puzzle game developed by Atlus and published by Sega. This is an upgraded version of the original 2011 Catherine game, with a new female character, Katherine, and some other additional content. The game was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC in 2019, and for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

In Catherine: Full Body, players take on the role of Vincent Brooks, a 32-year-old man struggling between his relationships with Catherine, his current lover, and Katherine, his ex-wife. Meanwhile, he also faces horrifying nightmares about sheep turning into men falling from a tall building.

The game has two main parts: puzzles and story. The puzzle section is a fast-paced platformer game in which the player must climb blocks to avoid falling. The story part is a role-playing game in which the player will have to make choices that affect the ending of the game.

Catherine: Full Body was highly praised by critics, with praise for its engaging storyline, innovative gameplay, and beautiful graphics. The game has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide.

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