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Contra ROM download
Updated 31-03-2023 (1 year ago)
Region USA
Publisher Konami
Size 87.58KB
Release Year 1986
Download 32

Contra is a classic action shooting game released by Konami for the NES. The game was released in 1987 and became one of the NES classics.

In Contra, players will take on the role of two identical characters with the task of destroying an alien army that is invading Earth. Players will fight through various scenes with different monsters, avoiding obstacles and attacking enemy stations to defeat them.

One of the highlights of Contra is its fun, fast, and extremely challenging gameplay. Players will have to perform jumps, dodge bullets and attack continuously to be able to pass the levels. However, the game is also very attractive and extremely worth playing.

Contra’s graphics and sound are also great. Beautiful landscapes, detailed monsters, and unique sounds create a dramatic and exciting atmosphere.
Contra is a classic shooting game full of fun and difficulty, with attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and unique sounds. It is one of the NES classics and deserves to be one of the best action shooter games in history. You can download Contra ROM from APKMARA‘s trusted sources to experience it on your device.

Download Contra ROM Download – NES Game

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