Donkey Kong 64 ROM Download – N64 Game

Updated 19-12-2023 (6 months ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Nintendo
Size 26,5M
Release Year 1999
Download 254

Donkey Kong 64 is a platform video game developed by Rare and published by Nintendo in 1999 for the Nintendo 64. It is a sequel to Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest and the third installment in the Donkey Kong Country series.
The game takes place on the island of Donkey Kong, where the Kongs are threatened by K. Rool and his gang of Kremlings. Players control Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Lanky Kong as they try to stop K. Rool from stealing the Golden Bananas.

Donkey Kong 64 is a classic platform game with a fun chibi art style. The game has 5 different worlds to explore, each containing 100 Golden Bananas. The player can use a variety of abilities to explore the world and collect Golden Bananas, including jumping, sliding, climbing, and using special items.

The game also features four playable characters, each with unique abilities. Donkey Kong is a balanced character, Diddy Kong can fly, Dixie Kong can fly with his hair and Lanky Kong can stretch his arms. Players can switch between characters at any time to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.

Download Donkey Kong 64 ROM Download – N64 Game

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