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Pokemon Red ROM download
Updated 31-03-2023 (1 year ago)
Publisher Nintendo, The Pokémon Company
Size 371KB
Release Year 1996
Download 453

Pokemon Red is an RPG video game developed by Nintendo and first released in 1996 for their Game Boy console. This game has become a phenomenon in the gaming community and has had a great influence on the gaming industry. The Game Boy Color version of Pokemon Red is a re-release of the original game but has been updated with new features and colorful visuals. Besides, Pokemon Red was also developed to be compatible with the Game Boy Advance game console.

The plot of Pokemon Red follows a young Pokemon trainer who travels around the Kanto region to collect, train, and battle different Pokemon. While doing these, the player must confront various challenges and conditions, including defeating other Pokemon Trainers and protecting the Pokemon world from malicious invaders. The game also has many interesting features, including the ability to trade Pokemon with friends via coaxial cable, play the game on a personal computer, and create a Pokedex – a list of all Pokemon that the player has to find or won. In short, Pokemon Red is a classic and iconic game in the gaming industry. The game has an interesting storyline and many unique features and has become one of Nintendo’s most loved versions of Pokemon.

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Download Pokemon Red ROM Download – GBC Game

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