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Pokemon Snakewood ROM download
Updated 26-03-2023 (1 year ago)
Size 5.0M
Release Year 2008
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Pokemon Snakewood is a Pokemon fan-made game on the GBA platform, developed by a group of Pokemon fans. This game was released in 2008 and is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby.

In Pokemon Snakewood, players will assume the role of an optional character and begin their journey across the land of Hoenn. However, the world of Pokemon Hoenn has been zombified and players will have to face tough challenges from the forces of darkness.

A highlight of Pokemon Snakewood is the monsterization feature (Zombification) of the Pokemon. Instead of just regular Pokemon, players will encounter Pokemon that have been infected with the zombie virus, with new shapes and fighting abilities. Besides, Pokemon Snakewood also has many new features and battles, along with a story full of surprises and drama.

However, like other fan-made titles, Pokemon Snakewood is not an official Nintendo product, and the use or development of fan-made products may infringe on copyright. If you are looking for an official Pokemon game, I recommend you look for Pokemon titles released by Nintendo on different platforms.

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Download Pokemon Snakewood ROM Download – GBA Game

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