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Pokemon Dark Rising 3 ROM download
Updated 10-04-2023 (1 year ago)
Region Worlds
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Pokemon Dark Rising 3 is a hack or mod of the Pokemon game on GBA, developed by an indie developer called DarkRisingGirl. This is the sequel to the previous Pokemon Dark Rising series, with a new story and content, bringing players into a separate Pokemon world with unique features.
Pokemon Dark Rising 3 features a new story where players will assume the role of a protagonist and go on an adventure to take on new challenges, face new characters and Pokemon, and discover and Explore new lands.

Pokemon Dark Rising 3 takes players into a vast world with many different locations to explore, including cities, forests, caves, and Pokemon arenas.

Pokemon Dark Rising 3 has a diverse Pokemon system, with more than 900 species of Pokemon from different generations of the Pokemon series, including legendary Pokemon and Pokemon dinosaurs.

Pokemon Dark Rising 3 is known for its high difficulty, with strong opponents and matches that require players with considerable strategy and skill to overcome.

Pokemon Dark Rising 3 uses graphics and sound from the original Pokemon FireRed title, with some minor changes and improvements to provide a fresh gaming experience.

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Download Pokemon Dark Rising 3 ROM Download – GBA Game

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