Metal Slug Advance ROM Download – GBA Game

Metal Slug Advance ROM download
Updated 02-04-2023 (6 months ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Noise Factory, SNK
Size 3.6M
Release Year 2004
Download 445

Metal Slug Advance is an action shooting game developed by SNK and Noise Factory and released on the Game Boy Advance platform in 2004. It was the first Metal Slug version to be released on handheld systems.

In Metal Slug Advance, players take on the role of one of three possible characters and shoot down enemies, collect items, upgrade weapons, and battle final bosses. The game has great graphics and sound, and the gameplay builds on the previous Metal Slug versions, with elements like action, combat, and weapon upgrades.

However, while Metal Slug Advance offers a good gaming experience on the Game Boy Advance, it is not comparable to the Metal Slug versions on other platforms. The game’s graphics and sound are more limited than the version on other platforms, and it also lacks some features like multiplayer mode. However, if you are a fan of the Metal Slug series of games, Metal Slug Advance is still a game worth playing on the Game Boy Advance.

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Download Metal Slug Advance ROM Download – GBA Game

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