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Updated 04-12-2023 (3 months ago)
Region Worlds
Publisher Nintendo
Size 6.8M
Release Year 2001
Download 275

Golden Sun is an RPG (Role-Playing Game) game developed by Camelot Software Planning and released on the Game Boy Advance (GBA) by Nintendo in 2001. The game has received critical acclaim for its storyline. , graphics and combat system, and became one of the classic RPG titles on the GBA system.

The plot of Golden Sun revolves around a group of main characters, including Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia, as they search for seven magical treasures to save the world from the ravages of a dark force. Players will lead the main group of characters on a challenging journey to solve puzzles, find treasures, and defeat enemies.

The graphics in Golden Sun are beautifully designed and detailed, with clearly depicted landscapes and environments. The game’s battle system is richly designed, with a variety of spells and skills for players to choose and use to defeat the enemy.

In addition, Golden Sun also has many interesting features such as the collection of Djinn, creatures capable of helping the player’s character learn stronger spells and better equipment. The game also features customization systems that allow the player to customize the map and customize his magic system.

Download Golden Sun ROM Download – GBA Game

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