Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD APK 1.39 (High-Level Heroes Upgrade)

Zombie Forest HD: Survival APK
Updated 13-04-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.39
Publisher Alexander Tavintsev
Size 64M
Require Android 5.0

The apocalypse of the earth has come. Monsters have begun to form and search for prey. Come to Zombie Forest HD: Survival to feel this war. Zombie Forest HD: Survival is a survival game for Android devices, with more than 50 types of extremely aggressive zombies and bandits. This game combines elements of two popular genres: strategy and survival. Let’s explore this game through the article below of APKMARA!

Zombie Forest HD: Survival

Introduction to Zombie Forest HD: Survival

Zombie Forest HD: Survival is a survival strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world of zombies. With each passing day, more and more people die, and the protagonist must protect his life. To do this, you must build and fortify a shelter, gather resources in the form of food, water, materials, and ammunition, as well as craft items and useful tools. All this will help you defend yourself against the onslaught of fifty different types of zombies every day.

A fortress can be considered your safest place, so build it firmly. At first, you can build easily, and the selection of suitable terrain can be done at the base of the tree. The safest place is far from the undead monsters on the ground. They won’t be able to climb trees so you can relax for a while. But it won’t last long, because soon the zombies will turn into flying creatures and start attacking you. Grab your gun and enjoy the fight, stop any danger to be safe. What everyone needs in this dying world is the ultimate combat experience.

Zombie Forest HD: Survival

The gameplay of the game

In the Zombie Forest HD game, you have to find yourself in dangerous and adverse conditions to try to survive. Defend your brain from the zombie army, but that’s not the hardest part, as you have to be productive and stock up on all the resources from water to ammo. Also, build a shelter, protect it and look for other survivors.

This game will put you to the test of strength. Collect rainwater, craft traps, craft ammo, and upgrade weapons. Use strategic skills to master your action plan and win. The zombies have discovered your existence and started attacking. Since the animals are also mutated, their location is clear.

The fight that begins to break out will be in your favor, so standing tall helps you quickly defeat the first undead. Your gunfire will attract the creatures of the city. A large number of zombies started going into the forest looking for you. Quickly strengthen your base to face the undead. No matter how strong you are, you cannot fight alone. Find more friends to support this frantic war.

Zombie Forest HD: Survival

Looking for more help

You can only win after small battles. If you encounter a large number of zombies, you will fall. Even with strong firepower, you can’t dodge them all. Zombies will threaten you. However, you have a group of survivors looking for supplies in the jungle. They helped you in a fight, and this group of people will quickly become your comrades. You are no longer tired after each monster’s attack. Because now you have more intelligent teammates, along with the strong will and excellent fighting skills. Let’s rebuild the base with them again and expand the area for easy combat.

Make a battle plan

On that basis, meticulous tactics are essential. An army, no matter how strong, cannot win without an effective battle plan. They can be seriously injured and lose, but the monsters are not, they are even stronger. Therefore, after each action, you will discuss and come up with an optimal plan. The first is to create a trap right behind the fence. When crossing the fence, the zombies will hardly survive a series of deadly traps. Then there was the battle plan, an orderly formation with little firepower surrounded by heavy equipment. This will be the perfect combination in battles. Join Zombie Forest HD: Survival to fight hard.

Features of the game Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD APK

  • The raid locations are well laid out.
  • The overall level of the game increases with each level.
  • There are 50 types of zombies and Survival.
  • Trade resources and weapons.
  • Diverse weapon system: 13 types of weapons (pistol, submachine gun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, shotgun).
Zombie Forest HD: Survival

The MOD version of Zombie Forest HD: Survival

Version V1

MOD upgrade hero level.

Version V2

MOD free shopping.

Download Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD APK (Upgrade Heroes) for Android

Enjoy the feeling of victory after every battle in Zombie Forest HD: Survival will be the most fun for everyone. A special life in the apocalypse is waiting for you to discover. Download Zombie Forest HD: Survival mod to use top tactics and deal with zombies. You can download this game HERE.

Download Zombie Forest HD: Survival MOD APK 1.39 (High-Level Heroes Upgrade)

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