Tough Man MOD APK (No Ads) v1.24

Tough Man MOD APK
Updated 24-05-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.24
Size 39M
Require Android 4.4

Tough Man MOD APK is a fun and exciting arcade game published by Bigdog Games. This is a game with simple gameplay in which the player helps a skinny guy turn into a real pitcher. Players will enjoy entertaining moments in this fun game. And if you want to learn more about Tough Man, check out the article below with APKMARA!

Tough Man MOD APK

About Tough Man

BIG DOG GAMES – the creator of the popular Buddy Toss game is back recently, with a product that is promising to be a hit this year. That’s Tough Man MOD APK, a gym-themed arcade game. At first glance, the game appears to be designed for men. But until you experience it, you will see the fun it brings regardless of age or gender. Now, follow the article below, and see why Tough Man has attracted more than 1 million installs since its first update!


Another simplicity from BIGDOG GAMES. Tough Man is designed almost like an idle game, although it is placed in the arcade category. Most of the time in the game, you only need to use one finger to touch the screen. The goal is to make the clock running on the screen stop at the levels marked in blue. At that time, your character will continuously practice. He’s both increased his health and given him some experience that helps you level up.

Next to the blue levels, are the red and purple levels. Red takes up most of the watch, and if you, unfortunately, stop at this level, the character will be exhausted, and unable to practice anymore. As for the purple level, they are quite small, only about 5% of the total. However, if you can align the force correctly, the character can be boosted for quite a long time. And that gives 3 to 5 times the usual amount of experience.

With enough heart stats required by each level, the character will become stronger. After passing each level, you will receive a huge amount of money. You can watch ads to receive bonuses that are three times bigger. With the money earned, you can buy training equipment to strengthen your character. Hold your finger on the screen to start the game and lift your finger when the pointer points to the green and blue area, then watch the man grow up! 

Tough Man MOD APK

More practice, more develop

As the character practices more, his body will grow. Muscles become larger, while training speed increases dramatically. However, you will face more difficulties. The blue area is gradually narrowed and replaced by the red area. Those who are not quick enough will have to replay the level quite a few times and have to watch a lot of ads.

Normally, Tough Man has four challenges on one level. In it, the first and last challenge has the highest difficulty level. You will have to pass each one in turn. But remember to always be careful, because one mistake will bring you back to where you started!

Unlock new dumbbells

For a newbie when he first enters the gym, he should try small dumbbells to get used to and get healthy. Later, when he levels up, you need to unlock new dumbbells to increase the intensity of the training. For heavier dumbbells, he will expend more effort. But at the same time, this process will bring more experience and bonuses.

Start with 60kg, then 90kg, 120kg, and gradually expand the weights up to 1000kg. You will feel the change in the character in each stage. However, it takes more or less strength, only your talent can decide!

Tough Man MOD APK

Lots of exercises

Although Tough Man is just an entertaining game and has cartoon graphics, the moves are simulated by the developer based on actual muscle exercises. If you are a gamer, you can easily realize that these double dumbbells help you to have strong back and shoulder muscles. This seemingly gentle weightlifting exercise can drain all the strength of your arms and return those billowing muscles.

Overall, I quite like Tough Man. It is both entertaining and gives a very “good” feeling to muscle lovers like me. And you?

Features of Tough Man

Awesome 2D graphics with cartoon style bring fun to the player. In addition, the sound in the game is also very prominent and fun. The crazy groans during practice bring excitement to the players. Each time a level is completed, the character will explode his powers.

With countless levels of upgrades, the character’s power becomes limitless. Once the power is at its peak, it is never enough. Although he started out as just a fragile guy, later on, he grew bigger and stronger. Passing more levels, the character will become a giant monster that can lift a mountain.

MOD APK version of Tough Man

MOD feature

No Ads: To help you avoid the hassle of playing the game, the MOD APK version of Tough Man unlocks the No Ads feature.

Download Tough Man MOD APK for Android

Although its gameplay is very simple, mostly just tapping and dropping fingers on the screen, many people have to replay many times to get through a level. Can you train your character to become a muscular gym in Tough Man? Download Tough Man MOD APK for Android and become a strong man! HERE.

Download Tough Man MOD APK (No Ads) v1.24

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