TerraGenesis MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v6.30

Updated 15-09-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 6.30
Publisher Tilting Point
Size 176M
Require Android 6.0

TerraGenesis is a space science game, in which the player is tasked with seeding life on planets mostly covered by arid desert systems. In order to give you a better experience, APKMARA will share with you about TerraGenesis in this article.

TerraGenesis MOD APK

Introduction to TerraGenesis – universe building game

TerraGenesis is a simulation game in which you can use science and technology to nurture the atmosphere and create a life for the planets in the solar system. From there, people can live, work as well as exploit resources on other planets.

It can be said that this game is an ambitious project from the game publisher Tilting Point Studio. We used to run a kingdom in Clash of Clans, but have you ever thought about running an entire planet?

Humans have long dreamed of conquering other planets in space. Is there a planet we can live on like Earth? Is there still life in space? Will humans be able to live on another planet in the future? Many questions are raised, but scientists still do not have a satisfactory answer. Forget it! Make them come true and discover the wonders of the planets through this game.

TerraGenesis MOD APK

Create your own planet

After opening the game, TerraGenesis will provide you with instructions and suggestions to create a planet that suits your needs. If you don’t know what terraforming means yet, you can understand it as a process of renewing and changing natural conditions, so as to make the planet suitable for humans. First, there are four optional planets for you, including Mars, Venus, Moon, and Ragnarok. I chose Star Mars because it is a planet that is easy to update and suitable for new players. According to scientists, Mars is even the planet with the most similar environmental conditions to Earth. Choosing other planets can be more difficult, but if you are a challenger, this will be an extremely enjoyable experience.

Attractive gameplay

Basically, the gameplay of TerraGenesis consists of three main parts: construction, mining, and research. Whichever planet you use, you should pay attention to the indicators of water, oxygen, habitability, pressure, temperature, and biomass. These stats determine whether your planet is habitable or not. Otherwise, your inhabitants cannot live, and of course, you cannot exploit the resources on this planet.

Mars is a vast desert without air, Venus has an atmosphere thicker than sea level, with temperatures high enough to melt metals like lead. You cannot complete the restoration of these planets in an hour. Therefore, you need to work hard for a week or a month to successfully rebuild the topography of the planet. Moreover, the planet is not cheap. It will cost you a few million gold if you want stable ground. If you don’t do it right, it can completely destroy the ecosystem and kill the inhabitants of the planet.

Once you have successfully renovated your planet and have a large population, start researching new buildings or technologies. Technologies will help you to exploit the resources of the planet, but be careful, because sometimes this has a negative impact on the ecology of the whole planet. Carbon is the cheapest and most degradable element. You can use your technology to find it, or craft more expensive items like rhodium or diamonds.

TerraGenesis MOD APK

Ecosystem building

In TerraGenesis, naturally like the Earth, the first creatures to appear were bacteria. You can shape many types of bacteria on the planet in the hope that they will multiply over time, giving you a complete cyclic reproductive system. The ecosystem includes species such as reptiles, herbivores, aquatic animals, animals, carnivores… and finally humans. You are like an omnipotent being who can decide life, everything, birth, and death. But be careful, if you remove one species from the ecosystem, other animals can be affected, causing the destruction of all organisms. Do your research before you attempt to wipe out a species on the planet.

Great treasure of knowledge

More than just a good mobile simulation game, TerraGenesis is also a great store of knowledge for those who are interested and curious about the universe, and the knowledge that comes with it. Open the File (Archive) section, you can search for any information or document. Since you are in charge of the entire planet, take the time to learn new knowledge and then apply it to your planet.

Graphics and sound

There’s nothing special to say about the graphics of TerraGenesis, but overall it’s pretty well done. The game has the good image quality and the physics is close to reality. Most of the time you watch your arid planet rotate slowly at an angle like a NASA satellite. The music is also simple and a bit boring.

The MOD APK version of TerraGenesis

MOD feature

The MOD feature of this game is Unlimited Money. Notably, the amount will increase as you use it, instead of decreasing as usual.

Download TerraGenesis MOD APK for Android

It can be seen that TerraGenesis is a great simulation game, and it is suitable for players who love space science. Building an ecosystem on an arid planet is relatively difficult for anyone, but it is completely possible in TerraGenesis. If you love this game you can download it HERE.

Download TerraGenesis MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v6.30

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