Survivalist: invasion MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/HP) v0.0.616

Survivalist: invasion MOD APK
Updated 04-11-2022 (1 year ago)
Version 0.0.616
Size 543M
Require Android 5.0

Survivalist: invasion is a Zombie-themed game that impresses players thanks to its engaging storyline. This is a fighting and survival action game published by Megaloot. Here, players can not only participate in the struggle for survival but also always have a scary feeling because they are always stalked by certain plots. Let’s APKMARA find out what that conspiracy is? And what interesting things will you experience in Survivalist: invasion?

 Survivalist: invasion MOD APK

The plot of Survivalist: invasion

The plot of the game is quite interesting, you will play as a special marine when you are on a mission, unfortunately, the plane explodes and falls on a strange island. Here, to survive, players will start a survival life with many dangers ahead. There are many scary zombies. Players and survivors need to fight together, use all their abilities and experience to survive, as well as uncover all the secrets in this terrifying archipelago.

All that you see in front of your eyes is only part of the truth. Underneath it is a terrifying terrorist plot. Here, powerful secret societies and terrorist organizations have joined hands to conduct the cruelest experiments. And right now, you and your team will come together to prevent this global catastrophe. Has the nightmare really come?

According to the evaluation of those who have experienced this game, Survivalist: invasion is a very interesting game. Although the details and context in the game are not too new, the way the game leads players into mysterious and difficult situations takes the battle for survival to a new level. Here, not only survival and combat, but players need to embark on an adventure to find out the truth behind this ghostly island.

 Survivalist: invasion MOD APK

Style play

About the gameplay of Survivalist: invasion, we can divide it into two levels. The first is the basic level. Survivalist: invasion offers classic gameplay where all the elements of a role-playing, survival, fighting game are present. You will explore different lands on the island, cooperate with survivors, search for resources, equipment, make weapons or build…Along with that, players will confront many different enemies on this island. From zombies like you’ve seen to mutant super-powered monsters or terrorist armies. These are the guys behind every conspiracy that you need to uncover to destroy them.

Meanwhile, at higher levels, players need to train themselves with the necessary skills, and continuously improve their weapons, equipment, and armor. As you explore this island, you will meet a lot of people. Some people will guide you, others will directly lead you to different missions. And when you complete that mission, you and them will ally themselves to destroy the Zombies and monsters. Then, you will receive the rewards you deserve. That’s your chance to upgrade. Choose objects and materials to make weapons suitable for each different time. That will give you many respective advantages.

 Survivalist: invasion MOD APK

Where will you look for resources and items?

If you remember, in the beginning, we said that this island is controlled by terrorists and secret groups. Along with that are people from different organizations. From the scientist who came to research to the person of the US intelligence agency. Their common goal is to observe and explore together to fight and destroy the forces within. However, they do not want to show up for the enemy to detect. Therefore, any approach you make will lead to suspicion. Talk to the people here, because you will most likely find useful information.

Survivalist: invasion is not only an RPG game, but it is also a survival game. Therefore, players need to collect to create their own, because it is not available. Therefore, when starting to explore this island, you should not ignore any corner. Make use of even the smallest objects, from duct tape, ropes, wood, screws, hammers… Explore from ledges, laboratories to abandoned military grounds… Wherever you are, you can find things that work.

Places with more zombies are likely to have more items. Therefore, the game brings a more attractive feeling to the players. Both motivating and challenging.

What does Survivalist: invasion mod apk version have?

Coming to Survivalist: invasion mod apk version, you will get a lot of advantages with mod features such as:

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited HP
  3. Not hungry
  4. Not thirsty
  5. Unlimited Reanimator


Are you ready to experience Survivalist: invasion mod apk? The game has epic 3D graphics with a very stimulating top-to-bottom view. In addition, this game also helps you find mysterious people, explore deserted islands, build, survive, fight zombies… It’s too attractive, isn’t it?! Download Survivalist: invasion mod apk and experience it right away HERE.

Download Survivalist: invasion MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/HP) v0.0.616

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