Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash MOD APK 0.2.10 (Unlimited Money)

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash
Updated 01-12-2022 (5 days ago)
RequireAndroid 5.0

Coming to Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash, you will fight against enemies. The game will bring players relaxing moments full of excitement and fun. Let’s enjoy the new features updated in APKMARA through the following article.

About Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash

Inspired by the stickman characters in the games that appeared on the market, the developer offers every player a new type of action game. Another fighting game is Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash Mod, the game produced by Casual Azur Games. This is a famous publisher with a series of popular games.

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash mod apk

This game is designed with many interesting features. The content revolves around the 1vs1 fight of stickman characters, with a level-based mission system. Also, you can play in offline mode at the same time. The game is compatible with all devices for an easy post-download experience. In addition, you have the opportunity to explore different locations and different types of weapons to attack the enemy.

Stickman Warriors Battle

The shape and graphics of Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash Mod are not too important, instead focusing on gameplay and combat experience when enjoying the game. Therefore, the game’s graphics are designed only in 2D ragdoll style. In addition, the image quality is built with a bright color system, representing many vivid combat environments that combine to create a very unique stickman character.

Differences in color and design will vary by device type. It gives you a sense of fun, and you can customize the character in many different styles. In addition, the sound effects are also very impressive. The system simulates the sound of attacking enemies to add excitement to every player.

Diverse quest system

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter Mod Stickman Ragdoll Fighter Mod is a level fight. Each battle corresponds to a level in ascending order. Play as a stickman warrior to fight, your task is to create flexible attacks to consume the enemy’s blood. Each fight lasts until one of the characters runs out of health.

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash mod apk

After the opponent loses a lot of “health”, he cannot continue the fight. You win and also get a bonus. The reward level corresponds to the achievement achieved, and is expressed as a range from smallest to largest, from D, C, B, A and A +. Immediately after receiving the bonus, you can proceed to the next level, and fight opponents with superior strength and stronger attack skills.

Fight with powerful bosses

Take down each opponent in turn in battles with Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash, when you reach a certain level, you will face a boss. Go head-to-head with their great power and win for rewards. With the ability to attack, the bosses can deal a lot of damage along with the ability to withstand sustained defense.

In addition, they also have a much larger body size. It causes a lot of difficulties during combat. If you do not have skills, you will easily lose your life. Defeating the boss requires agile observation, combining your flexibility in attack and defense. Dodge dangerous attacks to limit blood loss. This is one of the things that you need to practice when playing Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash.

Weapons appear randomly

Throughout the fight in Stickman Ragdoll Fighter Mod, you will have the opportunity to use many different weapons to attack. Each weapon used deals a large amount of damage with each accurate hit. There are a variety of weapons such as pistols, baseball bats, chainsaws, axes, knives… However, hitting with hands and feet is still the main factor.

Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash mod apk

These weapons cannot be purchased or exchanged for equipment. Instead, they appear randomly during each battle. As soon as you move to play, you will be using them. In addition to weapons, you can equip other items. For example, a helmet, crown. , etc. to improve defense. At the same time, you can change the appearance of your character to become more prominent with the Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash Mod version.

Use currency wisely

Coins with gold star symbols are the main currency in Stickman Ragdoll Fighter Mod. They are used to unlock and level up stickman warriors. Win the battles in each different level in turn, you will collect them to use for upgrades. Also, you can earn extra money by watching videos for free. Based on the money earned, you can unlock and upgrade in turn. From there, improve the character’s fighting ability. It will help you easily beat your opponent for great results.

The MOD APK version of Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash

MOD feature

Unlimited Money/Unlocked Skins: With the MOD APK version of Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash at WEB NAME, you will get unlimited money to upgrade your character’s appearance.

Download Stickman Ragdoll Fighter APK for Android

Game Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash offers light entertainment but still contains humorous and fun elements. The game gives players the unique features of the APK version provided by the website. Download directly from the link below the article to enjoy the game quickly.

Download Stickman Ragdoll Fighter: Bash MOD APK 0.2.10 (Unlimited Money)

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