Stickman Race Destruction MOD APK 1.02 (Free purchase)

Stickman Race Destruction
Updated 20-09-2022 (4 days ago)
Publisher Cuongbeo Game Studio
RequireAndroid 5.0

Are you looking for a game to relieve stress and fatigue in life? Come to Stickman Race Destruction, a stickman physics game that is being loved by many people today. You will be satisfied with the feeling of racing, or more accurately, car crashing, a feeling that is crazy but will make you excited and relieve stress. And now lets Apkmara find out in detail about the game Stickman Race Destruction right below to see if it has anything interesting.

Stickman Race Destruction Mod APK

About Stickman Race Destruction

Stickman Race Destruction is a physics game with a rag doll character. The game simulates terrible traffic accidents, with enemies made by the character you control. Your character will play a very angry driver, he is ready to crash into any stickman on the road to cause the greatest damage to them. You will get strong momentum to speed up, rush in and kill people, the more stickmen you kill, the more points you will get.

Although newly released, these games have already received more than 50,000 downloads on Google Play. As an interesting and highly entertaining game, it is very good at relieving stress, but it is only suitable for those over 16 years old. 

Stickman Race Destruction- Crash racing game

Stickman Race Destruction is a great recreational car race for Android, it will help you relieve the fatigue and stress accumulated in life for a long time effectively. And this is also a suitable game for you to effectively kill time in your spare time. The game simulates terrible traffic accidents and this is the intention of the driver. However, just be an angry person driving in the game and vent your anger at stick people, indulge in whatever you like. When driving on the street, be alert and let go of your anger before driving.

Stickman Race Destruction with addictive elements

Stickman Race Destruction has many extremely interesting levels for players. In each level, you need to defeat as many stickmen on the road as possible. Along with that, in each game screen, there are many different obstacles you need to overcome. It may be rocks, but steep hills…

Stickman Race Destruction Mod APK

The object you need to crash is not only a stickman, but it can be cars on the road, boxes containing rocks or stickmen on them…

And of course, you can also choose from many different types of vehicles, it may be a sewing machine, a car or even a tank… along with that, the vehicle can be fitted with an additional gun so you can bombard anything you want.

Stickman Race Destruction gives you a very minimalist game space, completely removing unnecessary elements, the color is also very simple with only white and gray, optimizing for smooth operation on Android devices.

Other attractive features of Stickman Race Destruction

In addition to the above attractions, Stickman Race Destruction is also highly appreciated by players for the following attractive features:

Stickman Race Destruction mod apk
  • Simple and optimized graphics, designed with gray and white tones create a feeling of gloom and death.
  • The game works smoothly on many different models running the Android operating system.
  • There are hundreds of levels waiting for you to pass, with a variety of different terrains and increasing difficulty.
  • There are many types of vehicles for you to choose from Motorcycles, cars, buses, tractors, police cars, even tanks…
  • The sound is lively, realistic, and very dramatic, creating a very realistic feeling like when you are on the racetrack.
  • Or accelerate hard and enjoy the refreshing feeling of driving.
  • Easy controls with simple touches.

What does the Stickman Race Destruction mod version have?

Stickman Race Destruction is a completely free game for players, however, with the mod version of Stickman Race Destruction, you can buy free items with real money. From there, you can unleash the game port experience to the fullest.


What’s more wonderful is when you can immediately release the tiring stress of everyday life into a game where you can freely step on the gas pedal, go fast and crash into stickmen and obstacles. I firmly believe that no matter how tired and stuck you are, after just a few minutes of experiencing the game Stickman Race Destruction, you will be comfortable and smooth. If you love it, download the Stickman Race Destruction mod version to your device and experience it right away.

Download Stickman Race Destruction MOD APK 1.02 (Free purchase)

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