Smashing Rush  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.7.0

Smashing Rush
Updated 05-09-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 1.7.0
Publisher Cold Soda
Size 63M
Require Android 4.1

Currently, there are many attractive adventure sports in the world that are loved by many people. And Parkour is also an equally dangerous challenge. Smashing Rush Mod Apk is a game that best demonstrates the appeal of this sport. In the game, you will show the extremely skillful and beautiful skills of Parkour. Let’s explore this game through the article below of Apkmara!

Smashing Rush APK + MOD

About Smashing Rush

One thing you should know if you play Smashing Rush (MOD, Unlimited Money): no one ever said the game was easy. This is an “obstacle contest” made from the great ideas of the game publisher Cold Soda. Even if you enjoy exploring the city through parkour, it’s definitely not to be missed. Because this game brings fun when you run and climb the highest roofs of the city to watch the beautiful sunset.

Run and get money

In Smashing Rush, your main task is to control the character (selected at random among the characters in the game) to complete the journey, and overcome the most difficult levels that no one has noticed. Players must climb the highest roofs in the city in order from left to right on the screen. The control system of the Solo game includes two main buttons, Jump and Smash. Press the button on the left screen to jump and tap twice in a row to double jump. When you face the blue walls, you can tap the virtual button on the right side of the screen to smash and go through them.

Everything is very simple and you will easily pass the first levels. But of course, you can’t stay in shape forever. There will be times when you hit a wall, even fall into a trap or fall off the roof tower of the city. The character’s ending is tragic and deadly. It’s scary! But you can still click the replay button and start a new journey. The stumbles in the game help you become stronger and react faster to obstacles.

Diverse level system and quests

Each level has other small tasks that you need to complete, such as: triple jump or something. And if you win, you will receive more interesting gifts. These side quests will make you think twice about how to play, you can complete the mission and win, and also open the door to unlock more new characters. Do not forget to collect gold coins on the screen, but be careful because there may be “traps” that distract you.

Smashing Rush APK + MOD

Discover 21 unique and interesting characters

In Smashing Rush, players can unlock 21 very interesting characters. That’s my main goal in playing this game. You can use cash or virtual currency in the game to buy them. The characters in Smashing Rush can be Deadpool, Bruce Lee, Batman, Power Ranger or even a scary zombie and your journey will be much more fun. Some characters also have special visual effects compared to others, and of course, their prices are not cheap at all.

Overcoming Obstacles And Reaching The Destination

The gameplay of Smashing Rush Mod is quite simple, you will quickly get used to the game. In addition, the control system of the game is the same as other platform games. A virtual button will appear in the right corner of the device on the screen, this button will help the character jump. A single tap will cause the character to jump a short distance.

In necessary cases, you can press twice in a row. The character can then perform a double jump at a longer distance. Next, the right side of the screen shows a virtual key. This is an attack skill used in critical moments to help you easily overcome obstacles. For example, if you hit a wall in front of you, you will feel unable to jump. Then click on this virtual mountain to break the wall and keep moving.

Smashing Rush APK + MOD

The three main modes of Smashing Rush are Rush Mode, Stage Mode and Challenge Mode. Each mode is a big challenge for players. Focus, dodge obstacles skillfully and maximize the speed of obstacles to win this game.

Impressive graphics

Another plus point of Smashing Rush is its colorful design and intuitive controls. The characters are cute and funny. You will surely experience it again at each level. Experience a different map to avoid boredom. The sound is also great with the vibrant background music, making you play for hours and still want to play again.

Smashing Rush MOD APK Version

Features MOD

Unlimited Money: In order for players to have the best fun and experience, we provide a mod version on our site. From there, you will enjoy the interesting feature of making unlimited money. With this money you can unlock all your favorite characters.

Download MOD APK Smashing Rush for Android

The classic obstacle course game is still one of those entertaining games that never goes out of style. Smashing Rush is available for both iOS and Android devices, so you can download it from the link below the article.

Download Smashing Rush  MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.7.0

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