Royal Match MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v10486

Royal Match MOD APK
Updated 20-09-2022 (2 years ago)
Version 10486
Publisher Dream Games
Size 163M
Require Android 4.4

Welcome to the colorful journey through solving puzzles, decorating, minting, and earning. Royal Match contains thousands of fun and challenging match-3 puzzles! Download and complete exciting challenges in Royal Match, making it a favorite puzzle game for you and those around you!

Royal Match MOD APK

Introduction to the game Royal Match

Royal Match is known as a fun match-3 game. In addition, Royal Match is where you need to complete and give solutions to the colorful match-3 puzzle. Through it, you can collect coins to renovate and decorate the Royal castle to be stunning. King Robert is in dire need of your help to restore his castle to the same grandeur, magnificence, and luxury it once was. Your main task in Royal Match is to break and overcome obstacles, combine available power-ups to defeat the fun challenges and obstacles presented.

Royal Match offers a series of challenges for you to train your mind and agility.

The content developers of the game Royal Match have created thousands of challenges for you to experience. And of course, each challenge has a different level and increases with each level you achieve. As you go deeper into the challenge, you’ll continue to unlock beautiful areas of the castle by solving exciting match-3 puzzles.

Royal Match MOD APK

Attractive gameplay of Royal Match

In the Royal Battle, King Robert needs your help to decorate the Royal Castle with the most luxurious and splendid appearance. Therefore, when completing 3 levels of the match, do not rush to another challenge, but visit King Robert’s castle. At that time, you get coins to complete the decoration of the rooms in the royal castle. You can build your own house, get bonuses and additional rewards to continue your journey.

You can get coins in any challenge in Royal Match

In Royal Match, we have a lot of challenging puzzles for you to conquer. Each new challenge comes with free coins, unique prizes, surprising quests, awesome zones, and exciting matches!

Royal Match MOD APK

Experiences worth trying at Royal Match

  1. A unique match 3 gameplay with fun levels for both advanced and novice match 3 players.
  2. Collect countless coins and special treasures in different bonus levels
  3. Powerful rocket explosion is waiting for you to unlock
  4. Be careful about the set of obstacles on the way like birds, boxes, potions, chests, diamonds, magic hats, safes, mysterious mailboxes and piggy banks…, as they will hinder you in the process of conquering the challenge.
  5. Open chests to win awesome rewards like coins, boosters, power-ups.
  6. Discover new rooms, royal suites, splendid gardens and many other exciting areas of King Robert’s castle!
  7. Decorate areas including: living room, King’s bedroom, kitchen, garden, garage and many other wonderful rooms.
  8. Take part in competitions and challenge your friends on Facebook, and try to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Wait for the game to suggest the perfect combinations for you.

If you think you’re a master of the Match3 series, you probably know what the first trick is. The Royal Match game has no time limit to complete each level. Therefore, please wait a few seconds to see suggestions for the most suitable combination for you. This function often helps a lot because it will help you combine utility items such as boom, rocket, or hammer. These items will come in handy when you are “stuck” and can’t find any other combination.

Royal Match MOD APK

Complete the level with less steps

You will quickly realize one thing when playing Royal Match, that is the importance of coins. You can totally earn coins by taking a few simple steps to complete the levels. The remaining movements will now become auxiliary elements. When activated, they can wipe out the game board, and earn you an impressive amount of points and coins. The more steps you take, the more you won’t use them until the end. More rockets will be generated on the game screen, thereby helping you to have more money. Moreover, you can use coins to buy more steps and power-ups in Royal Match.

Replay failed levels to gain 3 pre-selected power-ups

After successfully unlocking all the powerups before entering a new level, you need to accumulate them for the challenging levels. Because they will certainly help you overcome challenges easily. For example, you don’t hit your goal at level 70 because there aren’t enough steps, and even 5 extra steps bought with coins won’t get you through. Then in the next iteration, you should choose the available boosters, and they will help you pass the current level to unlock the next level. However, there is one condition that you must know how to use rationally.

Combine items together

Rockets, Propellers, and Orbs of Light give great benefits when you combine them with common items on the game board. However, it will be more creative when you combine 2 boosters of the same or different types. For example, if you combine 2 boxes of TNT, a concussion explosion will occur, creating a great effect when removing many surrounding objects and obstacles. If you happen to find 2 boosters next to each other, combine them and see how the effect can help you.


Above are some useful tips to help you easily overcome the challenges in Royal Match. With the above tips and your match3 experience, you will surely unlock the entire castle area and complete the game. If you have any questions, please contact the Apkmara for further advice!

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