Pou MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.4.105

Updated 17-09-2022 (5 months ago)
Publisher Zakeh Ltd
RequireAndroid 4.4+

Pou APK is a popular virtual pet game that gamers appreciate very much, with 11 million views on the Android platform alone. Why does this game attract so many gamers? Let’s find out with APKMARA through the article below!


About Pou

If you do not have much free time but still want to have lovely pets to take care of, Pou is a reasonable choice. Here, the world is virtual but the experience is real.

Pou is the name of the game’s main character; “she” is also a pet you have to take care of. It was an animal… not really, it was a strange alien creature with the shape of a potato. However, it is the chubby body and big round eyes that are the “deadly” highlight of Pou. When you see her innocent and charming, you will want to hug her immediately. Right from the looks of it, Pou makes you feel at ease and makes you want to take care of her for the rest of your life.

Choosing pet food

Pou is like all common pets like dogs, cats, etc. Of course, to grow, you need to feed it. That’s why you shouldn’t starve them. That is very cruel. The amount of food Pou can digest includes a variety of snacks such as pizza, burgers, cakes, fruit, and some other nutrient-rich foods. But remember, sweets, make her extremely excited. It eats a lot, so it needs more food, but the bigger it is, the cuter it is. The “baby” is growing in my arms day by day, it’s such a warm feeling to be a parent.


However, because of eating a lot, especially sweets, Pou is at risk of obesity. Therefore, give her a miracle drink to burn fat fast. Besides that, there are many other miracle drinks that help increase energy or stimulate appetite.

Take care of Pou like your own child

Taking care of pets is not only about feeding them, but you also have to make them happy. Of course, when seeing them happy, players will also be extremely happy. Our Pou feels irritable and upset at times. You can play with Pou more in fun minigames. This will keep you entertained and make your pet happy. Some games are both entertaining and training pets such as:

  • Tic Tac Pou: play jigsaw puzzles with Pou.
  • Free Fall: Help Pou collect as much gold in the sky.
  • Food Drop: Collect/eat food and stay away from trash.
  • Color: Relax with colorful matching games.
  • Pou Sounds: Test your memory by repeating exactly the sounds you hear.
  • Sky Jump: Tilt the phone to help Pou play in the clouds.

Not only entertain you, but the mini-games also help you earn more gold coins to feed Pou in daily quests. Nothing is free and money is not easy to earn, but with Pou (MOD Unlimited Money) from us, you will no longer have to worry about the economy.

Pet Pou with tons of new looks

Give your pet a cool and stylish look with the latest fashion accessories. Everything is in Pou Mod APK’s inventory like the most beautiful glasses, dresses, hats, and jewelry. There are some costumes for special days like spooky Halloween costumes or Santa Claus on Christmas etc. The higher the level, the more you can unlock new and more attractive outfits according to your own taste. So how would you customize your Pou?


In addition to designer fashion, you can manually change the wallpaper in Pou’s room and even change the skin color to your liking. However, sometimes Pou’s skin gets dirty which is annoying. Pay attention to bathing and massaging your pet with soap. Pou will be very happy and content.

New features are always updated

It can be said that Zakeh Editor makes players very satisfied when constantly updating new and attractive features. In addition, you can contact the game’s homepage for any questions from the consulting team. Always listening and responding to needs seems to have become the working motto of this game studio.

The MOD APK version of Pou

MOD feature

From buying food to decorating the room or buying things, everything is made to another level. Game Pou has enough shops with different items, so you can choose as you like. There are items that you need to level up if you want to buy them, but they can be unlocked instantly in just 1 second. Not only befriend the character with Pou’s extremely convenient social networking feature, but you can also see your friends taking care of their pets and them too.

Download game Pou MOD APK for Android

In general, Pou is quite similar to the game My Tamagotchi Forever or My Talking Tom. They are similar in terms of taking care of pets, playing games, and listening to the “parody” us, but Pou still has its own characteristics to attract players. Specifically, there are more than 500 million downloads along with a lot of praise for this exciting game. So what are you doubting about being the next person to own such an attractive game?

Download Pou MOD APK (Unlimited Money) v1.4.105

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