Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art MOD APK 3.8 (Unlimited Money)

Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art
Updated 20-10-2022 (1 year ago)
Version 3.8
Publisher Severex.
Size 88M
Require Android 5.0

Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art is a coloring by number game. If you want to create a perfect picture, great work, download this game right away. If you want to learn more about this game, take the time to read the post provided by APKMARA below.

About Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art

Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art is developed by Severex. The game is suitable for all audiences from children to adults. You will create amazing works of art by yourself with simple operations.

POLYGON : Coloring-Book∙ Poly Art by Numbers APK + MOD

You can use colors to embellish the cute images. Your task is to use polygons like 3D models to complete the picture. If you are a person who loves to color, jigsaw and draw, Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art is for you.

The game allows players to participate anytime, anywhere. All have been installed, scientifically arranged with easy control functions. Leave your worries behind and step into the colorful entertainment world.

Outstanding features in the game

The appeal of Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art lies in the features. The variety in the game helps you always find inspiration, away from boredom. Typically, as:

  • Diverse images: Animals, birds, flowers, places, food, people – Help players freely paint, create great works.
  • Unique images built in polygonal style.
  • Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art constantly updates new images daily. You can explore the collection as well as various categories.
  • The game works well even when offline, without Wifi, you can still decorate the pictures with bright colors.
  • Easily share your artwork with friends.
  • Zooming in and out of photos with just two fingers is extremely convenient and easy.

Join Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art, you will find painting has never been so easy. Relax and enjoy the fun things only in this game. I believe that you will find yourself swept away from all worries, re-energizing and intellectually effective.

Up to now, Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art has received high praise from many gamers. Statistics say the game received positive feedback like 4.63/5 stars in the store. This is enough to see the appeal and urge you to download today.

Simple gameplay, eye-catching images

When participating in Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art, you will see many different images. For example, birds, pets, trees, flowers, animals, trees, houses, etc. However, these paintings all have the common point that the colors are numbered polygons.

Therefore, you just need to color in the correct order. After the work is completed, it will create a very beautiful 3D effect. You can view the work in three dimensions: horizontal, vertical and deep.

POLYGON : Coloring-Book∙ Poly Art by Numbers APK + MOD

Thus, you just need to match the polygons to the marked position to complete the picture. If during the game you have trouble finding the right place, use the hint function. Therefore, nothing is difficult for the game called Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art.

The idea that the game is only suitable for children. However, many adults participated and fell in love with Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art soon after. Are you ready to complete pictures of animals, fruits, flowers, pretty faces and hundreds of other beautiful works of art from polygons?

In addition to painting the works, you can use them as your phone wallpaper right after you’re done. What could be better than creating a beautiful work yourself and seeing them every day?

Benefits of playing coloring games

Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art is one of the most sought-after games. The reason this genre receives the attention of players is because it brings many practical benefits as follows:

Relieve stress and depression

When doing coloring in Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art, you need stillness and focus. Therefore, you will forget about the time that is passing outside and the pressure and fatigue before. At the same time, all troubles are also temporarily gone.

Next, when you finish your own painting, you will feel extremely happy. Immediately the neurons help to release positive energy, soothe the damage. Therefore, this game helps us heal the fatigue in life.

Improve thinking in the field of fine arts

Do not underestimate the painting operations included in Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art. This is both an effective way to entertain and help you improve your thinking about art. Through each picture, players will improve in layout, color mixing, sensory, …

When you have all of the above, you will move towards the right choice. Typically, a harmonious arrangement, arranging everything in the most scientific way. Thus, once again we see the practical benefits of this game.

Expand your spiritual life

Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art is also a game that gives us a rich spiritual life. After a long stressful day, you return to your own corner and perfect a work of art yourself? At the same time, you also see for yourself the warm, hopeful colors.

POLYGON : Coloring-Book∙ Poly Art by Numbers APK + MOD

Fun sound, the more you play, the more you like

Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art is also loved by many people for its funny sound. Even if you are a newbie who has never participated in the game, it is always easy to start because the game is scientifically designed, the function keys are located in the most recognizable position.

At first, you will see blank, faded pictures. However, just by adding a little color they quickly become more soulful and attractive. Show off your achievements by sharing them with your friends and let the world know.

Full experience with MOD version – Unlimited Money

Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art has a MOD version – Unlimited Money. When you download this version, you will enjoy the unlimited money feature. Thanks to that, you will create different buildings, find many new resources and characters to paint freely. 

Thus, Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art is a coloring game worth experiencing today. Download and start participating as soon as possible and share the wonderful works created by yourself.

Download Polygon: Coloring-Book, Art MOD APK 3.8 (Unlimited Money)

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