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Pixel Magic.io
Updated 20-09-2022 (4 days ago)
Publisher NCROQUIS
RequireAndroid 6.0

Pixel Magic.io is an action game genre published by NCROQUIS. If you want to enjoy magic matches, quickly join today. However, before downloading, do not forget to update the details provided by APKMARA immediately below.

About the game Pixel Magic.io

Pixel Magic.io lets you play both offline and online with your friends. This game offers royal battles and unique arcade mechanics. Most of those who have participated once quickly become “crushed” and are not afraid to give compliments.

Pixel Magic.io MOD APK

Instead of using weapons, players will use magic to destroy opponents. This gameplay shows the difference from many other games to provide a “unique” experience. Best of all, you also have the opportunity to meet other gamers with countless maps.

It can be said that the publisher NCROQUIS devotes a lot of enthusiasm to this game. Because each table is “arranged in battle” extremely majestic. At the same time, when you win, you will get a great feeling in return.

In the process of joining, you must continuously upgrade the characteristics of the hero. In addition, the task of unlocking stronger characters is also put on top. To do this, each individual must strive to progress to a dominant position in the battles.

The only way to defeat your opponents is to become stronger than them. You can develop your own fighting style or try different tactical maneuvers. Above all, do not forget to upgrade the characteristics of equipment and weapons.

The game integrates many outstanding features

It would be a big mistake to mention Pixel Magic.io and ignore the outstanding features. All to support the player more powerfully to achieve the goal and defeat the enemy. That could include:

  • There is a Battle Royale mode that helps players dominate the map.
  • Deathmatch mode aims to slaughter enemies as well as other players.
  • Players can choose from many different types of magic to fight.
  • Integrate many areas at the same stage.
  • There are many new heroes.
  • Function to upgrade a variety of weapons and armor.

All features are fully equipped just waiting to see how you play Pixel Magic.io. This is not only an entertaining game but also a place to demonstrate the ability to challenge many other gamers. Are you ready to step in and destroy all the enemies ahead?

Light game capacity and attractive gameplay

Currently, the game Pixel Magic.io is available on CH Play and iOS. The download and installation process is simple, so it certainly won’t be difficult for anyone. In addition, the game is also highly appreciated for its easy-to-move and light performance.

Pixel Magic.io MOD APK

The game capacity is quite light

The game supports installation on devices running Android 4.4 and above, with a capacity of about 98M. For devices with high configuration, when installed, you will play more smoothly. Function keys are convenient to use without causing any difficulties for gamers.

If you want to enjoy a magic match, join the Pixel Magic.io game today. There are many surprises waiting for you ahead. In addition, the new plays on different maps also bring a different feeling.

Attractive gameplay

In fact, each match will change through each level. If you want to get bonuses back, you have to spend a lot of time conquering them. As you become more professional, the magic will also improve.

After each win, you will also be given a gift. The powerful energy that is constantly growing will light up the entire battle sky. You need to walk around the space, choose the right place and keep collecting more and more rewards.

As you go, there will be small squares, go up there as a way of marking the road. Keep moving to meet valuable rewards and battle enemies. It’s not too difficult for us to create a battle, but requires players to act moderately.

The wasteful use of resources will help you quickly weaken while the enemy is still alive. Better yet, sweep the opponent with the magic you are using and use a reasonable strategy. In addition, go to many different spaces to experience more powerful opponents.

When you defeat an opponent, it means that you also become stronger. On the contrary, if the player fails, strengthen his fighting skills and wait for the opportunity to turn the situation around next time.

Battle Royale mode and unlock many unique heroes

The plus point of the game Pixel Magic.io also lies in dominating the map – Battle Royale. Players especially love this mode because it helps them reach the pinnacle of discovery. The game has built countless battle models with enough space for you to unleash your power.

In addition, you can also proceed to many locations to experience a series of dark maps. Above all, the areas are also divided into stages depending on your ability to conquer them. When you win, you will receive the opportunity to unlock the map and face many new challenges.

Besides, when successfully unlocking, you will also have the opportunity to reunite with the hero forces. These characters all possess unique powers to participate in many consecutive battles. In addition, you can easily shop and upgrade their equipment in the Pixel Magic.io store.

Pixel Magic.io MOD APK

Equipment commonly used in the game is armor, ultimate weapons, and magic. You should use a lot of support energy to wreak havoc in an emergency. However, to get this, the player must have a lot of valuable assets, money, or trophies to exchange.

To accumulate all of the above, you need to win matches. At the same time, actively collect loot along the way. Speed up the process and get more hero cards back.

The game allows players to customize according to magic

The ultimate weapon when playing Pixel Magic.io is the use of magic. In the process of participating, you will encounter many difficulties, but try to find a solution. You do not play the same style forever, because the opponent will recognize and quickly defeat you.

Instead, you should constantly change your strategy, build a plan, and be flexible in your gameplay. Above all, renewed magic needs your adaptation. In any case, you should ensure survival until the end.

Extreme experience with MOD version – Unlimited Money

Pixel Magic.io has an unlimited-money MOD version. Thanks to that, you will own a large amount of money to buy yourself items for the process of playing the game. This helps players complete missions, conquer difficulties and achieve resounding victory.

If you want to experience magic in matches, join Pixel Magic.io today. Through the game, you will find a moment of true entertainment, and train yourself to develop strategies as well as flexibly handle situations.

Download Pixel Magic.io MOD APK 1.1.290 (Free shopping/Unlocked character)

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